Can the Ultimate 30-second Sleep Quiz Help Cure Your Insomnia?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced late last year that insomnia had officially reached epidemic proportions. With an estimated 70 million people suffering from diagnosed sleep disorders (and an untold number going undiagnosed) in the United States, insomnia and other sleep-related problems are increasingly coming under the microscope.

Fortunately for insomnia sufferers, there is a new 30-second sleep quiz that can pinpoint the exact nature of your sleep problems. Dubbed the “Ultimate Sleep Quiz”, this insightful set of questions created by sleep researchers at Sprayable, Inc. helps you identify the root causes of your sleep problems based on your lifestyle habits.

Interestingly, what you get at the end of the quiz is your Sleep Type, which is then elaborated on. You also receive a set of instructions to help you deal with and eliminate the cause of your insomnia. What’s unique about this sleep quiz is that it contains a set of actionable “fixes” based on your specific sleep type.

Why Take The Ultimate Sleep Quiz?

The theory behind this quiz is that there are certain lifestyle patterns and habits that work in tandem with your body’s physiological profile to either give you great sleep or deprive you of much-needed rest every night. These factors collude to create five sleep types that this quiz seeks to reveal to respondents.

What are the Various Sleep Types?

Essentially, there are five different sleep type categories that people fall under. Each is based on the specific daytime habits of each person and their personal profile, which includes age, sex, bedtime habits and so on.

This is a brief overview of each sleep type and what it means:

Sleep Type U

The typical effect of this particular sleep type is that the person wakes up feeling tired and unrested. This can seriously impact their productivity at work, their concentration levels and even their sex drive. Forgetfulness is a common symptom of this sleep type, as is trouble remembering names, dates and faces.

The Ultimate Sleep Quiz helps you identify if you fall under this category, and gives you specific action points that you can use immediately to start sleeping better. One such tip is to avoid using electronic devices at least 2 hours before bedtime, the reason being that these devices emit a high quantum of what is known as ‘blue light’ - one of the major disrupters of the body’s melatonin levels.

Sleep Type S

People with this sleep type find that their mind keeps racing when their body is desperately trying to get to sleep. Stressful thoughts about the day ahead or issues that they’re currently dealing with prevent sleep from taking over naturally.

Respondents of the 30-second quiz say that the questions are designed to identify these issues and pinpoint the real nature of the problem. The biggest takeaway from the quiz - for Type S people - is how to establish a routine at bedtime that will help them overcome their problems and help them go to sleep faster.

Sleep Type A

For this category of sleepers, the biggest problem is that the body is unable to produce enough of the sleep hormone melatonin at bedtime.

The effect of lower melatonin levels is that the person is unable to fall asleep easily no matter how hard they try. The results of the sleep quiz deal with this specific problem and show users how to overcome it.

Strangely, this is a natural phenomenon that can easily be resolved with non-prescription solutions.

One of the major “fixes” for Type A sleepers is to take a melatonin supplement. However, harsh sleeping pills are highly undesirable, and the results of the quiz will show you a much more natural option.

Sleep Type I

According to the results of the Ultimate Sleep Quiz, people with this sleep type are plagued with a variety of symptoms ranging from being wide awake at bedtime to getting up fresh and ready to face the day - at 3 in the morning!

Obviously, you can guess the effect of being forced to sleep this way night after night. Such people do, on occasion, get a good night’s sleep but it’s completely random and not very helpful in the greater scheme of things - such as their physical and mental health.

One of the sleep fixes for people with this sleep type is to have a consistent night-time ritual. Research shows that having a fixed routine can do wonders for your sleep patterns over time. The sleep fix that you receive at the end of the quiz shows you exactly what to do in order to establish that routine, and ways in which inconsistent sleepers can control their melatonin levels - especially around bedtime when they need high levels of this natural hormone.

Sleep Type L

Younger adults are highly prone to this condition. However, the experts at Sprayable, Inc. - creators of the Ultimate Sleep Quiz - say that older adults are increasingly finding themselves in this category.

Because light is one of the factors controlling melatonin levels in the body, exposure to even mild ambient light at bedtime can severely impair their ability to get a good night’s sleep.

What makes the symptoms worse is regular use of blue-light devices such as smartphones, tablets and e-readers around bedtime. With an increase in usage, the user tends to show more severe symptoms of being light-sensitive. The sleep fix at the end of the quiz reveals several insightful action items that can be put into practice the very same day.

About the Ultimate Sleep Quiz

Sleep is one of the most widely studied subjects in the world. From nightmares to sleep disorders to lucid dreaming, every aspect of this very necessary nightly period of unconsciousness has been probed into since time immemorial.

The Ultimate Sleep Quiz and the solutions proposed to deal with each sleep type are based on over three years of research covering thousands of subjects. According to co-founder of Sprayable, Inc., Harvard student and Thiel fellow Benjamin Yu:

“Over the past three years, we’ve researched every type of sleep disorder and the positive effects that externally introduced melatonin can have on the ability to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. What we’ve found is that - in addition to melatonin supplementation from a safe and natural source - there are specific sleep fixes that work wonders for each of the sleep types we’ve discovered. People who have followed these tips have found a dramatic improvement in the quality of sleep they experience every night.”

The Ultimate Sleep Quiz is a simple 8-question quiz that will take you all of 30 seconds to complete and submit. You’ll immediately be told what your sleep type is, and the steps you need to take in order to get a holistic solution to your sleep issues.

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